Caribbean Conference Mission

The Caribbean Conference of Seventh Day Christians provides strong leadership for the preaching and teaching of the Word through trained personnel and printed materials. With regular studying of the Word, worship services, prayer, fasting and partaking of fellowship ordinances we nurture our churches into spiritual growth and development. We implore our members to develop a passion for righteousness and consciousness of their duties to God and man.

We promote bible-based beliefs with emphasis on the importance of the keeping of the Commandments to include the Seventh Day Sabbath. Our call to fulfil the Great Commission ushers us to make disciples through evangelism outreach ministries in and out of our region.

We purpose to develop responsible, successful individuals and families through awareness for educational achievement, leadership training, family enrichment programs, youth and children’s ministries.

Seventh-Day Christian Conference

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New York, NY 10030

Phone:  646-454-9068


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Regular Hours

Varied between 10:00 a.m. to 8:00:p.m.; daily, except major holidays.

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