It was June 2000, Community Tabernacle Seventh-Day Christian Church, formerly Hope and Deliverance 7th Day, started under the Presidency of Pastor Charles French. We started the group in the garage of Deaconess Claudette Marshall at 62 Belltown Road, Stamford, Connecticut. But the winter came early that year and forced us into the basement in early October 2000, where we worshipped until January of 2001. We then moved to Adams Avenue, where we had rented a place. We stayed awhile at that location, but we felt that we were not treated with respect and dignity even though we were paying rent.
We later moved to Holiday Inn Select (also in Stamford), but by then some of our members had left the church. Some weeks there were only three of us (Pastor Lesford Foreman, Lauren Foreman and Deaconess Claudette Marshall. Oh wait! How can we forget Jerzee Madden, granddaughter of Deaconess Marshall). This would be the entire group some weeks. So, we would do our lesson study and then go home. It was at that point in time we realized that we had to do things differently, because we were paying for a hotel room without enough members. We then decided to worship in the homes of members who lived in Stamford. We would take turns so that it would not be a burden for one person.
It was during those times when the late Sister Albertine Contreras was sick. When she was no longer able to travel around, we held Church Services at her home. She was called home to be with the Lord in June of 2006. We continued to worship in the homes of brethren in Stamford, Connecticut.
In early 2007 the group was strong enough again, growing to 25 to 30 members weekly, so we went back to worshipping at the Holiday Inn Select. It was during that time we decided that we would like to move on, so we moved to 127 Selleck Street in Stamford, Connecticut, where we are currently worshipping. In spite of our many trials and setbacks we were conquerors through conflicts.

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